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Adventurous Marriage | Reaching the Mountaintops
  The road that lead to this picture being taken was a scary one. It was winding, curvy, steep, and slick.  There were no guard rails for our protection and there was no turning back around once we set our minds on moving forward. We drove up a narrow road to the tallest mountain in New Hampshire - Mount Washington - this ...
What is an Adventurous Marriage?
What defines an "adventurous" marriage? At first glance, the phrase 'an adventurous marriage' makes me think of those couples that skydive together regularly, get married scuba-diving, and live out of a camper van traveling the nation.  And while these absolutely would be adventurous marriages, to Allison and I, an adventurous m ...
Adventurous Marriage | You Don’t Have to Leave Home to Have a Fun Date Night
While we LOVE a good date night outside of the house - we know that some weeks, it's just not always in the cards. Maybe you've had an exhausting work week and the last thing you want to do is leave your couch at the end of the week. And while this is okay - we want to encourage you not to skip out on your date night for the we ...