Couple Roadtrips From Kentucky to Elope in Utah // Moab, Utah Elopement Film

Sarah + Scott entered an elopement giveaway contest that we held around this time last year.

From the second we received their submission, our hearts were sold. What stood out the most to us about these two was that, while excited about the opportunity, their true focus wasn’t on the destination or the elopement itself…it was focused on just FINALLY getting to be married to one another.

We could go down the list forever of how they’ve captured our entire freaking hearts.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 4.26.44 PM.png

They’re adventurous dog lovers (they traveled 3,000+ miles from Kentucky to Utah with their two pups in tow!) They’re head over heels for one another (as you will discover through their tear-jerking vows), while also being playful, easy going, + HILARIOUS together…they even filmed their journey with their pups + it MAY OR MAY not be included in their wedding film.

We’ll never forget the memories we made with Sarah, Scott, + this wonderful dream team in Moab as they promised forever to one another on a cliff high above the Colorado River.

From foraging bouquets in the backyard of our airbnb to grubbing at Moab Diner on our last night together. We are so happy that this weekend came together so perfectly for the most deserving couple. We’ll forever feel so lucky that we got to be a small part of such an incredible day.

So, without further ado, we are SO excited to finally introduce you to Sarah + Scott. #sbsquared.